Data-Embeddable Image Synthesis

Data-Embeddable Texture Synthesis

Hirofumi Otori and Shigeru Kuriyama



Data hiding techniques onto images provide tools for protecting copyright or sending secret messages, and they are currently utilized as a simple input device of a cell phone by detecting a data embedded in an image with an equipped digital camera. This paper presents a method of synthesizing texture images for embedding arbitrary data by utilizing the smart techniques of generating repetitive texture patterns through feature learning of a sample image. We extended the techniques so that a synthesized image can effectively conceal the embedded pattern, and the pattern can be robustly detected from a photographed image. We demonstrate the feasibility of our techniques using texture samples including an image scanned from real material.


  1. Hirofumi Otori, Shigeru Kuriyama, "Data-Embeddable Texture Synthesis", 7th International Symposium on Smart Graphics 2007, pp.146-157, 2007.6.
    paper (PDF: 2.6MB)


Windows Media Video movie
Detection demonstration

WMV: 9.38 MB
(with caption)

Japanese Patent

  1. Hirofumi Otori, Shigeru Kuriyama, Japanese Patent Application No 2006-337641,2006.12.

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